Sunday, April 18, 2010


     On April 14, 2010 we led the caravan into the villagIMG_5238 - Copye of Bonagana-Sada, Togo with joy in our hearts as we came to bring new life to the village in the form of fresh water. We were followed by the three trucks from the drilling company and our missionary colleagues, Berry and Tracey Brown. Much planning and anticipation had gone into this great day. But, after drilling over 80 meters deep it was determined that this was the dreaded “dry hole.” How could this be? We had a geophysical survey done, the best site wasIMG_5260 - Copy chosen to drill, we had powerful equipment arranged and we had prayed for this project. But there was no water. We had worked and waited for hours in temperatures over 100 degrees. Everyone was extremely disappointed  and we felt so bad for the local people that had such high hopes. The local pastor had stated, “We go a long way to drink with the cows”. We really wanted to help these people but all we could do was assure them that we would return later and we would do whatever Is needed to complete a functional well that has a consistent supply of fresh clean water. At this point we must have the faith to stand on Romans 8:28 and believe that truly, “in all things IMG_5280 - CopyGod works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” We are anticipating what God is teaching us in this experience. Please pray with us that when our caravan returns to Bonagana-Sada in the next few weeks that God will be in the lead and that fresh, clean water will flow and that there will be a flood of the Water of Life as well.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Filthy Water, Is It Better Than None At All?

She climbed about ten feet down i159 - Copynto the hole; she        placed her feet on the board that was laid across the bottom of the hole and then she bent at the waist and reached below her feet and dipped the filthy, gray water with a gourd. She poured the water into a bucket and then repeated the process until she had filled the IMG_5125 - Copybucket. She handed the bucket to a woman on another board who then in turn hands the bucket to a woman closer to the top that then climbed to the top and poured the water into one of the waiting pans. The pan with the filthy water was then placed on the head of the women or young girl that carried the water approximately one kilometer to the humble dwelling and it was poIMG_5134 - Copyured into an earthen pot. This process was repeated many times a day, every day in the village of Kadjale, Togo in West Africa. We are currently in the worst of the dry season. This story is repeated all across West Africa. In Kadjale the Africa Oasis Project is helping by putting in a deep fresh water well that will be a constant souIMG_5116 - Copyrce of fresh water for people in the church, the village and the entire area. The fresh water is available to everyone. Last week the geophysical survey was done and the water has been found. The well drilling will start next week. The villages of Bonagana and Mazada, Togo are next in line. Each of these well projects are greatly needed. Fresh, clean water will eliminate at least 80 percent of all the sickness and disease in the village. Unsafe wIMG_5147 - Copyater is the number one killer in the world today. You can make a life-saving difference by helping us bring fresh water and the Living Water of Jesus Christ to people that are in such great need. We thank God for your support and your prayers. Please help us continue to touch lives and hearts with fresh water.  The Africa Oasis IMG_5163 - Copy

Project is working to reach a many people as possible with fresh water and the Water of Life.  You can help by contributing and praying.  Find the donation details on this blog.

Remember, “Water is Life.”