Tuesday, July 12, 2011

“Why Have You Become a Wife?”

IMG_0050 - Copy     That is the question that the men of the village would ask Pastor Sampson SOLMA, the pastor of the Assemblies of God Church in the remote village of Waria, Benin.
     Waria is located on the Benin/Nigeria border where they are constantly troubled by bandits and thieves.
     Black market gasoline, guns and drugs constantly flow through the Waria area.IMG_0188 - Copy
     Because of the danger to his wife Pastor Sampson would do the work that is usually reserved for the women of the village. He would walk the two kilometers to the small river to collect the filthy water that would probably make his family sick with cholera, diarrhea, parasites, worms or other health issues.
     Some of the men will smoke the local marijuana to make them brave so that as vigilantes they fight the criminals, and then they become as much a danger to the local people as the criminals.
   IMG_0006 - Copy  This is why Pastor Sampson is carrying the water, doing his wife’s work.
     Today Pastor Sampson does not carry the water, doing his wife’s work. Today he and his wife, and the people of the Assembly of God church and the village of Waria walk a short distance to the fresh water well that is conveniently located to all of them.
    IMG_0166 - Copy That is the well the Africa Oasis Project drilled just a few weeks ago. Fresh water and the Living Water of Jesus Christ are flowing in Waria, Benin today because of people like you who gave so that others might be blessed.