Friday, April 15, 2011

2011 April Update

Greetings to all our blog friends. 

What a whirlwind these last few months have been.  Wells, travel, speaking, and much more.

We have been able to complete well projects in Dekandje, Togo and also in Tokpevia, Togo in the last few months.  Each of the wells were greatly needed. 

In Dekandje we experienced the greatest difficulty in putting in a IMG_0034 (2) - Copywell that we have ever had.  The chosen drilling company started but did not complete project.  After hiring a different company we continued but found that the drilling was very difficult.  Drilling through clay and also looking for a quite small reservoir of water was a challenge.  The ultimate water flow from the pump is not as much as we would like to have had but it is better than the mile and a half walk for dirty water that they had before.  Life does not always give us the 100% we ask for.  We pray that more water will come.IMG_0016 - Copy

In Tokpevia we found that the new well in the center of the village produced a good supply of clean water.  The people of the village danced with joy all as the water began to flow.  No more walking over four miles to another village to get clean water.

Vickie and I also took part in a one-day conference in Dallas, TX IMG_0012 - Copycalled the Long African Day.  This event was wonderfully produced by our own Assemblies of God – Africa office.  The Long African Day event was an opportunity for five different compassion ministries to be highlighted.  We were asked to return to the States to coordinate the Africa Oasis Project portion of the event. The response was great and we believe the results will be long lasting. 

US, Wales 192 - CopySince we last blogged, we had the opportunity to visit our daughter Cristi in Cardiff, Wales for Christmas.  Our son Ryan was also able to join us so we had a delightful Christmas and New Years.

We have exciting things ahead in the next few weeks and months so we will try to give you an update soon.spring 2011 048 - Copy - Copy

Your Water Warriors
Mark and Vickie