Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Greetings to Everyone,

Vickie was just doing some figuring today and she calculated that she had traveled over 7,000 miles in the last 17 days. All by car. That is life on the "itineration trail."

People have been so gracious as we have been in services across the country. We meet so many "new, old friends". New acquaintances that quickly become old friends.

More and more churches do not have traditional Sunday evening services in this day and age, so what we have been doing instead is making appointments to meet with Pastors and/or Missions Committees to share our heart for the Africa Oasis Project in West and Central Africa. So far these meetings have been very productive and encouraging.

With the recent change in our assignment our financial budget has been increased due to a higher cost of living in Togo. This brings with it many new challenges. The greatest need we have at this time is MONTHLY SUPPORT. There has been a wonderful outpouring of interest and desire to help with the Africa Oasis Project as we have traveled across the country. This is fantastic. But, we cannot minister to the people in need or start any projects UNTIL WE ARE IN AFRICA.

Please take advantage of the link to the top,right that will present you with the opportunity to make a monthly commitment online. This would be a tremendous blessing.

Until next time,

Your Missionary Mates

Mark & Vickie Alexander
AGWM Missionaries

Africa Oasis Project
West & Central Africa