Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Time to Leave

Sitting in a motel room while attending our Kansas District Council is where we find ourselves today. Last week we shipped our household goods to Togo, West Africa and we also moved out of our home. We were told it could be from four to six months for our household goods to arrive in Africa because due to the weak US Dollar most containers and ships are taking American goods to Europe and very few are going to Africa. So we find ourselves somewhat homeless at this time. At least we are between homes at this time. We are sort of living out of our car for a while. After District Council we will be traveling and saying a few farewells to Vickie’s family and my family before we fly out on the 5th of May. It is very strange knowing that your life at this moment is reduced to the suitcase you carry
Our two kids, Ryan and Cristi, have been with us for the last couple of weeks and we have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our time together. Ryan is leaving tomorrow for five months in Alaska and a tour director and trainer for Holland America. This is our first, and one of the hardest goodbyes we will have. At any age, they are still your children. After goodbyes to other family members we will be leaving Cristi at the airport in Wichita on May 5th. Cristi will begin her itineration process as she has received her ministerial licence and she has also been appointed as a Missionary in Training to Eurasia and she will eventually be living in Istanbul, Turkey. She has a year and a half of traveling and raising her support ahead of her. She will be basing out of Russell, Kansas.
Vickie and I have felt an increasing passion in our hearts for the people in West and Central Africa that God has called us to minister to. We continue to pray for the region of our calling and we find that a love has already developed in our hearts for the people there. We are well aware that they are the ones who have to accept us and we will be entering into their world. We ask God to give us the wisdom to Love as He Loved and to completely give ourselves to His work and His people. We are going there to serve Him and them.
Please pray with us as we face the many challenges ahead of us in the next few weeks and months, such as long flights through Atlanta and Paris, learning French, adapting to a third world environment, facing diseases and health issues, separation from our families, feeling alone in a crowd and other unexpected adjustments. I keep telling myself that even at our age we are still adaptable. I guess we will see.
This entry has seemed to be never-ending as I guess I am a bit reflective at this time. We do really appreciate all the prayers and support from everyone. We will try and put more entries on this blog as we experience life in Lome, Togo. So until later, God bless you all.