Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Beautiful African Celebration

A three hour long African wedding, a two hour African feast and a lot of sweat. That pretty much describes the beautiful celebration of our campus vice presidents’ daughter’s wedding. Throughout the week a bull and several sheep and goats contributed to the feasting as well. They were delicious. Three choirs sang, there was a moving message (in French) and many other traditional procedures. Many church and national dignitaries from several different countries were recognized. The father of the bride is also the pastor of the International Church on the WAAST (West Africa Advanced School of Theology) campus. The church has many international dignitaries that attend every week along with about 1300 other people. What a glorious celebration it was. And of course, the bride was beautiful.

A Fresh Water Well Is Coming!

In September/October we are planning to drill a deep well and erect a tower and tank system at the Atakpame Bible School in Togo. This is needed very much because of insufficient water and what water they do have is unsafe and very expensive. At this amazing school the students/pastors bring their wives and children. The wives are taught the basic skills of reading and writing and some basic entrepreneurial skills. The preschool children are also put in Christian daycare. What a great program and we are so glad we can help them. We will keep you updated as the project progresses. Watch this blog for more details.