Monday, June 4, 2007



Let us give you a bit of an update as to our situation.

If you received our most recent newsletter you may know that Vickie and I have recently been reassigned, geographically. Instead of Ethiopia we will be living in Lome, Togo, West Africa and working across the West and Central Africa Regions. Our assignment is still working with the Africa Oasis Project, but now in the 23 countries included in these two regions.

We are very excited about this change and we continue to feel the passion in our hearts to reach people in Africa with the Water of Life using fresh water as an evangelism tool.

The change in location and assignment has brought with it many other changes as well. Our monthly support budget has increased by 14% and the cost of living in Togo is 50% higher than Ethiopia. Of course that has a tremendous impact on everything related to our fund-raising and our departure date. Many of our friends ask the obvious question, “When are you leaving?” That is a good question. We have fulfilled our medical requirement and will soon receive clearance, and we have met our project funds cash requirement. Now the only hurdle left for us is the monthly support. Our goal is to raise about $435 this month in monthly commitments. We are currently trusting to leave for Africa around the end of the year. This is subject of course to the budget.

Another change is the fact that we are learning French instead of Amharic. This is a challenge for these “old dogs” but we are doing our best to “learn new tricks.” We just received our language class software for our computer and we are excited about the language ahead of us.

We are still driving about 5,000 miles a month and in May we spent over $700 for gas. We have had mission’s services from Delaware to Arizona and from Wyoming to Florida and many states in-between. What a joy to meet people all across the country that love God and love missions.

May God continue to bless every one of you.

Your Missions Servants

Mark and Vickie Alexander
Africa Oasis Project
West and Central Africa

Greetings in Jesus Name,

Vickie and I had such a delightful and spiritually uplifting time this past week as we were at the Woodston Family Camp in north central Kansas. Sister Martha Tennison seemed to be reading our mail as she spoke directly to our hearts and to our situations. What a blessing. It was such a joy to see so many dear friends and meet many new friends as well.

We had the opportunity to share about our ministry in Africa with the congregation during the Friday night service. Everyone was so gracious and supportive. Thank you Superintendent Yancey for giving us that opportunity.

Mark and Vickie