Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wells For Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a small country in West Africa that has been ravaged by over a decade of war and wide spread poverty. Sierra Leone has seen the atrocities of what man can do to man, but they have also experienced the joy of seeing what God can do for man in the Assemblies of God churches across the country. Vickie and I spent a week traveling the back roads of Sierra Leone with three Assembly of God church leaders as we visited the pastors in many villages and heard about the tremendous need for clean water. In recent years they have struggled to survive the residual affects of the war, but they continue rejoice in the souls that have come to Christ and the miracles of protection that they have experienced.

In November we went to villages like Rogboro where the village well was contaminated and unusable after the rebel forces came through the village. Pastor Tommy Bangura told us how the entire village could use the fresh water that a new well could provide. In the village of Mile 91 Pastor Albert shared with us how the people must go to the swamp during the rainy season and dip the filthy water for drinking. In the dry season they dig a hole in the swamp and wait for the dirty, unclean water to seep in. They desperately need fresh water as well. Pastor Albert lived in a tiny house about the size of one small bedroom where they have very little furniture. Five of us ate from only two plates of humble food that was graciously prepared for us. Masuba was another village where Pastor Tucker is planting a church and there is a great need for clean water. The church meets under a small shelter of small wooden poles with palm branches and grass woven for the roof.

Rogboro, Mile 91 and Masuba are the three priority projects waiting for wells in Sierra Leone.

We must drill in March at the end of the dry season, because April brings the rainy season and then we would have to wait until March of 2010. These wells will include drilling down to 180 feet and putting a strong hand pump on each one. We anticipate the costs to be around $7-8,000 per well.

There are so many stories of God’s protection and provision for these children of God. But for now, our heart’s desire is to bring fresh, clean, healthy water to the villages with the help of the local church, so the message they bring about the Water of Life will soak into the souls of the people.

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